Creators of Form, 

Engineers of Futures:

FormFactors is a celebration of

San Francisco's thriving design scene.

Retail stores and design-minded spaces around the city open their doors to showcase new and established talent. From June 13th to 23rd, we toast the internationally recognized design presence here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our first year was a great success; again in 2014, FormFactors in conjunction with SF Design Week, brings the best in design, spaces and people together.

Designers are the secret force behind the way our lives are shaped. Think about it: the objects and spaces around us, the clothes we wear and the way we interact with our surroundings come from the creative minds of these makers. Many of whom are located in the Bay Area!

Held during San Francisco Design Week, top bay area designers have teamed up with a talented group of design aficionados to present FormFactors. It is a week long city-wide curation showcasing local design and celebrating the internationally recognized design presence of the San Francisco Bay Area. From highly awarded design studios to envied and renowned international corporations, the City is home to some of the biggest innovators and design driven brands in the world.

FormFactors gives retailers and design-minded spaces the power to highlight the wealth of creativity present in the Bay Area and reaffirm San Francisco’s place in the design community, while functioning as a platform for designers to present their work. Most importantly though, it gives all of us the chance to connect with the way our city is shaped – and the people that shape it.

FormFactors will be on display throughout the City from the 13th until the 23rd of June.


Check us out tonight at Blu Dot! 

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